Recommended Undergraduate Curriculum
Summer Requirement
Studio 4B, 5A or 5B (6 units)

Spring Requirements
Studio 4B, 5A or 5B (6 units)
ARCH366 Contemporary Issues: “Seeing Rome” (3 units)
ARCH3334 Urban Design Theory: “Rome as Urban Paradigm” (3 units)
INDS 3711 Upper Division G.E. “Six Ecologies of Rome” (3 units)
Lower Division G.E. Introductory Italian (3 units)
18 units possible

Recommended Graduate Architecture Cirriculum
M.Arch. students may study in Rome either for the summer of their Fieldwork Studio or in the fall of their final year of study. Post-professional students may study in Rome for the period of nine to twelve months.

Fall Requirements
Graduate Studio 5: Focuses and Topics (6 units)
Criticism 4: Architecture Research Salon and Graduate Thesis Preparation (3
Practice 1: The Contemporary Architecture Profession (3 units offered
through distance learning)
Elective (3 units)
15 units total required

Summer Requirement
Graduate Fieldwork Studio (6 units)

Recommended Interior Architecture Cirriculum
Students enrolled in Interior Architecture during their third year or above may enroll for a semester at the R.C.A.C. under consultation of the department chair, Randy Stauffer, and the program director, Paulette Singley.

Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies Curriculum
The Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies supports the Rome Center with innovative and interdisciplinary courses that take full advantage of the location in central Italy to create an engaging liberal arts experience for all our students. The R.C.A.C. offers classed directed in particular to the institutes Urban Studies major as well as a twelve to eighteen unit course load of general education classes.

Please consult with program director Paulette Singley and your academic advisor to help design a curriculum appropriate to your graduation path.