The Forum

We recently went on a trip to see the Roman Forum, which was amazing! The forum acts as an architectural diagram, in which thousands of years of development are manifested through a layering of buildings and materials. Although much of the area is in ruins today, Paulette did an amazing job explaining what was once there, which allowed us to fill in the rest of the image. Within the Forum, many of the preserved ruins tell stories of history, such as the Arch of Septimius, which was erected in 203 AD in order to celebrate the imperial triumph over the Parthians. As we walked throughout the Forum,It became evident just how layered the city of Rome really is. After our trip to the Forum, Paulette and Gerry invited us over to their terrace to enjoy the delicacies of Rome. As we were atop the balcony, we watched the sun set over the horizon, creating a perfect ending to the day.

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