Un Giorno di Neve!!

When we were preparing for our trip to Rome, we knew it was going to be cold.  We were told that the wind would be so cold that we would feel it cut through our bones.  This is all true.  But some unexpected and highly unlikely snow made it all worth it!  We were sitting in studio in the middle of the day when all of a sudden we looked outside and saw massive snowflakes falling from the sky.  As soon as studio was over, we all ran outside to experience the eternal city in a completely different way.  It was utterly breathtaking to experience a moment of shared silence and awe with hundreds of Italians merely standing and staring at the snow fall through the oculus.  The following day consisted of walking from piazza to piazza experiencing the once familiar settings in a completely new and foreign manner.  Considering the fact that it has not snowed that much in Rome since the 80’s, it well definitely go down as one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in Roma!

Ciao for now!

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